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A Selection of IP-related Posts by Schott, P.C.

Can You Get An International Trademark? The Madrid Protocol

An Article in Schott, P.C.’s IP Law For Start-ups SeriesBy Stephen B. Schott If you have valuable intellectual property, you ...
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The Happy Birthday Song, Batmobile, And Copyright Law

Copyright law doesn’t change a lot but a pair of interesting cases came out recently involving some pop ...
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Prop Head Reads: What Is Life: How Chemistry Becomes Biology

What is Life: How Chemistry Becomes BiologyAddy ProssMy friend Manoj recently said, “In 5 billion years, an atom learned ...
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How To Tell Someone To Stop Infringing Without Getting Sued

An Article in Schott, PC’s IP Law for Startups Series Dear Dr. Jones,It has recently come to my attention ...
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Prop Head Reads: The Martian And A Brief History Of Time

(You can view my non-prop-head book thoughts here)The Martianby Andy Weir(The Martian started as a personal blog writing project ...
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Federal Circuit Broadens Application Of 35 USC 112(F)

US courts interpret patent claims written in a specific way under a special claim interpretation statute. Claims written ...
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