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Our goal is simple: Make the world a better place, one idea at a time.  We achieve that goal by working with inventors and creative people to help them protect, share, license, develop, and sell their ideas though the application of idea law, which is intellectual property law that focuses on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

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PA Bar: Removing the Exclusivity of "Patent Attorney"

By Stephen B. Schott The Pennsylvania Bar Association, following the American Bar Association's adoption of new Model Rules in August 2018 (deleting earlier Rule 7.4) and  seeking to conform Pennsylvania's Rules to follow the ABA, has proposed eliminating the exclusivity of the term "patent attorney." Currently, a "patent attorney" in Pennsylvania is exclusively limited to attorneys […]

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US Patent and Trademark Office revises guidance for determining subject matter eligibility

By Stephen B. Schott To start the new year, Director Iancu and the US Patent and Trademark Office continue what most people see as an acceleration of the pendulum towards a broader, and hopefully clearer, definition of patentable subject matter eligibility. The new Section 101 guidelines "aim to improve the clarity, consistency, and predictability of actions […]

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A Renewed Call: Repeal the Single Sentence Rule for Patent Claims

By Stephen B. Schott Like all elementary school graduates, I learned that a single sentence should be short. One source suggests that a well-written work should average 20 to 25 word sentences.[1] With that as the guide, sentences averaging 50 words would raise the ire of a 3rd grade teacher. Those averaging 100 words would […]

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