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A Selection of IP-related Posts by Schott, P.C.

Prop Head Book Review: Thank You For Being Late

Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of AccelerationsBy Thomas FriedmanWhat happens ...
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Patent Month In Review September

Abstract Idea Step in Patentable Subject Matter: Animated Lip Syncing Not Abstract, is EligibleMCRO, Inc. v. Bandai Namco ...
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Patent Infringement: The Letter You Send Could Get You Sued

“They are infringing but I don’t want to sue them: Let’s just send them a letter.” That’s a common thought ...
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Prop Head Reads: What is Life: How Chemistry Becomes Biology

By Stephen B. Schott What is Life: How Chemistry Becomes BiologyAddy ProssMy friend Manoj recently said, “In 5 billion years, ...
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USPTO Adds Another Final Office Action Option: P3 Pilot Program

The USPTO recently announced a 6 month pilot program to give applicants another option for responding to final office actions. Here is ...
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2016 May Patent Law Update

By Stephen B. SchottPRIORITY DATES OF EARLIER APPLICATIONSImmersion Corp. v. HTC Corp, Civil Action No. 12-259-RGA, (D.Del 2015)This case is ...
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