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A Selection of IP-related Posts by Schott, P.C.

Practical Topic: Systems of Personal Organization

By Stephen B. Schott You know when you have a thread hanging from a sweater. You give it a ...
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Fitting Software Claims Into Statutory Categories

By Stephen B. SchottMost patents and applications directed at software frame the claims in terms of processes. This is ...
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Client Buzz: Check Out The Bee Book

The Bee Book is a beautiful book by Matthew Holbein and Emily Brooks of The Foliage Library, one of ...
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John Oliver’s Anti-Patent-Troll Rant: Simple Thinking

Up is down and right is left when my inbox fills up with 10 friends linking me to ...
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For The Next Two Weeks, Google Is Buying Patents

Do you have a patent you want to sell? Want to sell it to one of the biggest ...
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Four Boilerplate Responses For Responding To Subject Matter Rejections Based On The USPTO Hypotheticals

This is a summary of the sample argument sections of a longer article based on the USPTO’s subject matter-based hypotheticals.Hypothetical 1: Removing Malicious ...
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