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A Selection of IP-related Posts by Schott, P.C.

How to Keep an Inventor’s Notebook

An Article in Schott, P.C.’s IP Law For Start-ups SeriesBy Stephen B. SchottAn inventor’s notebook can be a breeding ground ...
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The Supreme Court Rules On Public Performance And Copyright

Last week, the Supreme Court wrapped up a busy term for intellectual property cases. The latest and final IP ...
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Top Ten Most Important Trademark Cases

By Stephen B. SchottPatent attorneys appreciate patent law’s rigidity. Unlike many areas of the law, there are hard rules ...
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“Hail to the…” Redskins Federal Trademarks Canceled as Disparaging

By Stephen B. SchottIn a 2-1 split decision, the US Patent and Trademark Appeals Board canceled several trademarks owned by ...
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Tesla Donates Its Patents To The Public: “All Our Patent Are Belong To You

Yesterday, Tesla Motors announced that it “will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use ...
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Adam Corolla Fights Patent Trolls But Anti-Troll Legislation Is Back Under The Bridge

Comedian and podcast host Adam Corolla recently visited Capitol Hill to complain about patent trolls. Discussing a patent infringement lawsuit targeting his ...
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