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A Selection of IP-related Posts by Schott, P.C.

Register Your Brand With Amazon’s Brand Registry

Many people don’t realize that Amazon means it when they call themselves a global “marketplace.” Until recently, that ...
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Piling On: Even More USPTO Subject Matter Guidance

The USPTO recognizes there’s a problem in subject matter eligibility. If you don’t believe it, look at how ...
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A Renewed Call: Repeal the Single Sentence Rule for Patent Claims

Like all elementary school graduates, I learned that a single sentence should be short. One source suggests that ...
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PA Bar: Removing The Exclusivity Of “Patent Attorney”

[EDIT: The Pennsylvania House of Delegates voted down this measure in May 2019, mostly due to issues unrelated ...
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US Patent And Trademark Office Revises Guidance For Determining Subject Matter Eligibility

To start the new year, Director Iancu and the US Patent and Trademark Office continue what most people ...
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Where Do Ideas Come From?

BY STEPHEN B. SCHOTT From nothing came Let It Be, Starry Night, calculus, East of Eden, Star Wars, the ...
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