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Piling On: Even More USPTO Subject Matter Guidance

By Stephen B. Schott | October 19, 2019

The USPTO recognizes there’s a problem in subject matter eligibility. If you don’t believe it, look at how…

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Cache Data Types: Patent Eligible Subject Matter

By Stephen B. Schott | August 20, 2017
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Patent Month In Review: March 2017

By Stephen B. Schott | April 10, 2017

No Laches in Patent Infringement CasesThe Supreme Court addressed the distinction between laches and statutes of limitations in patent…

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Patent Month In Review September

By Stephen B. Schott | October 10, 2016

Abstract Idea Step in Patentable Subject Matter: Animated Lip Syncing Not Abstract, is EligibleMCRO, Inc. v. Bandai Namco…

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2016 May Patent Law Update

By Stephen B. Schott | June 13, 2016

By Stephen B. SchottPRIORITY DATES OF EARLIER APPLICATIONSImmersion Corp. v. HTC Corp, Civil Action No. 12-259-RGA, (D.Del 2015)This case is…

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Federal Circuit: Software Not An Abstract Idea—Is Patentable

By Stephen B. Schott | May 15, 2016

Software patents are alive. Again. Many pundits have been saying it since the Supreme Court’s Alice decision on patentable subject matter in…

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April 2016 Patent Law Update

By Stephen B. Schott | May 7, 2016

dreamstime_s_38780059 2USPTO Subject Matter Guidelines UpdatedIf you haven’t seen them, the USPTO published patentable subject matter hypotheticals, with an…

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Fitting Software Claims Into Statutory Categories

By Stephen B. Schott | June 17, 2015

By Stephen B. SchottMost patents and applications directed at software frame the claims in terms of processes. This is…

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Four Boilerplate Responses For Responding To Subject Matter Rejections Based On The USPTO Hypotheticals

By Stephen B. Schott | February 25, 2015

This is a summary of the sample argument sections of a longer article based on the USPTO’s subject matter-based hypotheticals.Hypothetical 1: Removing Malicious…

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The USPTO’s Alice-Based Patentable Subject Matter Hypotheticals With Boilerplate Responses

By Stephen B. Schott | February 25, 2015

The USPTO recently published hypotheticals to help guide applicants when defining patentable subject matter. Instead of just a case…

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