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Building a better world, one idea at a time


The path to creating value from your invention starts with getting a patent.


Copyrights protect your original works of authorship and artistic expression.


A trademark identifies and distinguishes the source if your goods from others' goods.

Liscenses | Assignments

Licenses and assignments are the legal contracts commonly used to grant intellectual property rights (patent, copyright, trademark) to others.


Once you determine that litigation is your only option, either as plaintiff or defendant, you will need someone to guide you through the process.

Building Ip Value

If you own IP, you can develop a strategy for building value from your IP.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple: Make the world a better place, one idea at a time. We achieve that goal by working with inventors and creative people to help them protect, share, license, develop, and sell their ideas though the application of idea law, which is intellectual property law that focuses on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Latest from the IdeaESQ Blog

Criteria for Patent Law Injunctions

(Presented at the Joint Patent Practice Continuing Legal Education Seminar in May 2018) I. THE PERMANENT INJUNCTION STANDARD IN PATENT LAW The Patent Act provides for granting injunctive relief at the district court “in accordance with the principles of equity,” which means that courts apply the injunction at their discretion. “The several courts having jurisdiction of cases under this title

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Top Patent Cases of 2017

Supreme Court: Patent Infringement Lawsuits Only in State of Incorporation or Regular Place of Business The Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision (it does happen) TC Heartland LLC v Kraft Food Group Brands LLC. The Court found that a plaintiff must bring patent infringement suits in the defendant’s state of incorporation or where the defendant has committed acts of infringement

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Alice / Patentable Subject Matter set to Hamilton

Attending the Benjamin Franklin Inn of Court meeting this week, I was witness to this program winning the Inn of Court National Award for Best Program. I cannot imagine a more deserving presentation: Congratulations to its creator Stewart Weiner and the many performers.

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Recent International Decisions: IP Getting Stronger Outside the US

Recent IP decisions reinforce the view that outside the US, IP decisions more often favor patent and trademark holders. China: One on the patent side, one on the trademark Before 1985, China had no patent system, and many people have been skeptical of what system there is since then. But China recognizes the importance of protecting IP rights, and has

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Cache Data Types: Patent Eligible Subject Matter

The question of what software is patent-eligible subject matter is still evolving. The Federal Circuit in Visual Memory v. NVIDIA,  recently weighed in with another guidepost on the way to patent eligibility. Claim 1 reads: A computer memory system connectable to a processor and having one or more programmable operational characteristics, said characteristics being defined through configuration by said computer

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Design Theory

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