Schott P.C. Sponsors World Cup Contest

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By Stephen B. Schott
Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 8.36.34 PM
The World Cup starts on Thursday and even more exciting for soccer/football fans here, the US plays on Monday. I may not like the new Bomb Pop uniforms but I do hope for the best Monday in an early must-win game against the team that eliminated the US in 2010: Ghana.
In honor of the World Cup, Schott, P.C. has sponsored a contest for the Hunter Cheetahs U13 girls soccer team. Each player has a national team and if their team wins the World Cup, they win the contest: A simple way to invest the players in the beautiful game of soccer and the World Cup.
More to come and let’s hope the winner is the United States, although honestly, it’s a lot safer to bet on the US next year in the Women’s World Cup in Canada.
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