Optimism in A Time of Coronavirus

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For just a little while, I’ll dedicate this blog to a few posts here and there about good news and good stories in the current coronavirus crisis.

Right now the very best and brightest scientists are working to find a cure or treatment for the coronavirus. This isn’t a free-for-all race to hide R&D but a deep sharing to help the entire world. From the article: “‘I’m really impressed at the speed and the scale at which they’re moving,’ said John Young, the global head of infectious diseases at Roche Pharma Research and Early Development, which is collaborating on some of the work.’ ‘You have 30 scientists on a Zoom call — it’s the most exhausting, amazing thing,’ [Nevan Krogan, director of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute] said.”

What’s particularly interesting about this, and some even more promising research out of Australia is that the scientists are using known drugs in their investigations and they are seeing positive results. The use of known drugs could lead to their faster deployment in the field to help the people most affected by the virus.

Yoga, D&D, crafts, arts, music, tours, even homework–our friends at Camp Stomping Ground are setting aside their hammers and drills while they are working to build new cabins and install doors, to help their past and future campers at home. I got this text from Jack yesterday:

From a past D&D nerd to future D&D nerds, keep it up: That’s AWESOME! My first character was a Hobbit Thief named Granthil who died in the Caves of Chaos near the Keep on the Borderlands on a neighbor’s porch in Buffalo NY. RIP.

The first stage of vaccine trials began on Monday, with 45 volunteers getting the first dose of a vaccine. A team of researchers from Moderna had already been working on a different coronavirus vaccine, as opposed to the COVID-19 one that most have started calling just “coronavirus. Because the team was already doing research on one vaccine, they were able to quickly pivot their work to tackling the COVID-19 coronavirus using well-known techniques that have yielded good results for other vaccines.

  • We Need Blood Donors

The blood supply, which relies on a lot of seniors, is critically low. May an appointment with the Red Cross here to donate. It’s easy!