Building IP Value

Schott, P.C.

Whether you own intellectual property already or are building your intellectual property portfolio, you should develop a strategy for building value from your IP.
One of the following services from Schott, P.C. may help you build value from your IP portfolio:

  • We can host an IP Review Meeting where we review your business and product development to identify untapped IP. It’s rare that we can’t increase the value of your IP portfolio in one of these meetings.
  • We will prepare opinions and claim charts analyzing potential infringers in the marketplace, and work with you to decide the best path forward.
  • We will draft a technology area analysis that reviews what others are patenting in your field and what areas you may be able to move into.
  • We can contact competitors and other market players to negotiate licenses and acquisitions.
  • We will put you in touch with venture capital investors and help you negotiate with them as you grow your business.


Looking For A Reliable Intellectual Property Partner?