Adam Corolla Fights Patent Trolls But Anti-Troll Legislation is Back Under the Bridge

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By Stephen B. Schott
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Comedian and podcast host Adam Corolla recently visited Capitol Hill to complain about patent trolls. Discussing a patent infringement lawsuit targeting his podcast’s technology, Corolla stated “I’m just a small business … I understand wanting to protect your innovation, but this is run amok.” He also complained that in spending money to fight the litigation, he was losing out on an opportunity to buy a new Lamborghini.
There’s worse news for the former Man Show host, however. Yesterday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy shelved patent reform legislation, including the anti-troll reforms that had been brewing for months. Despite pressure from the public, companies like Google, andThe White House, Leahy noted that there was “not sufficient support behind any comprehensive deal.”
The groups opposing the legislative reform had been arguing that the reforms would hurt small inventors, stifle innovation, and come just a few years after the most comprehensive patent reform in 40 years. Further, they argued, curbing patent trolls should be the job of the US Patent and Trademark Office and courts.
I will keep you updated on the reforms if they resurface in 2015.
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